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  • Ingo Schobert

Visiting the South

At the beginning of April, my wife and I were visiting the South of the United States, or, to be more precise, we flew to Savannah, Georgia, spent 3 days there, rented a car, spent a day in Hilton Head, and another 2 days in Charleston, South Carolina.

The people we spoke to were very friendly, although it took me a while to understand their accent. Well, I’m sure they struggled with my thick German accent as well! We did some sightseeing in the towns, visited various plantations, a cemetery, and the beautiful Piers of Tybee Beach (at 6:00 in the morning, accompanied by my lovely wife [thanks]) and Folly Beach. I found the town squares in Savannah to be particularly pretty, but impossible to photograph due to the close proximity to the surrounding houses.

Of course there were plenty of opportunities to photograph and I did take a few hundred shots, the best of which you can see here. Sadly, no good Milky Way shots were possible due to mostly cloudy skies at night.

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