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  • What are the FAQs all about?
    Here I post questions and answers for whatever topic I can think of, as long as it is site and photography related. If you have a question not answered here then feel free to email me at
  • Your images are not very clear when viewed in large, why is that?"
    The quality of the images on this site has been greatly reduced from the originals in order to discourage theft. Prints are never created from the displayed images, they are derived from the originals.
  • What Camera Gear do you use?
    Over the last 20 years, I used almost exclusively Canon cameras, beginning with the Canon Rebel, over the T1i, T3i, T5i, T6i series, and the 5D Mark III. Recently I got my hands on the new EOS R5 and I'm loving it. For my infrared photography I use a converted Canon T7i with an internal filter of 720 nm. My glass (lenses) ranges from various Canon EF lenses, over Tamron Wide Angle and Macro lenses, to my Rokinon Wide Angle for night sky captures.
  • Do you offer Tutorials, Tours, Lessons, etc.?"
    Not currently, but it may happen in the future, so stay tuned! If you would like to go on an excursion with me then contact me at and we will talk about it.
  • Can I buy your Prints?
    Basically yes, but I have a hard time separating from my photos. I for sure want them to be valued for all that they represent, like capture, effort, and rarity. As such, let's talk about the photo or photos you are interested in. Contact me at
  • What Print Sizes are available for your Photos?
    It literally depends on the specific photo. I have taken my images over many years, with varying cameras and their associated capabilities and circumstances. In general, maximum print sizes range from 4 x 6 inches to 2 x 3 feet. Email me which picture(s) you are interested in and I will let you know the available sizes, at
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