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Full Throttle Again

Well, 2021 turned out to be a very active year again. While the first half was marked mostly by short trips, like Maine and the Jersey Shore, the second half saw a couple of, albeit connected, trips to Europe, one week in Croatia and one in Slovenia, with my favorite Travel Group "Amazing Views".

Also, we got a new dog! She will not replace our beloved Finn, but become a new addition to our family in her own rights. Welcome Sadie! She was at a shelter in Texas and we rescued her from it.

Additionally, a trip to Seattle, where we met up with my photography friend and his girlfriend, and Olympia National Park in Washington State were even more opportunities to capture some nice photographs.


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1 Comment

Jason McElroy
Jason McElroy
Jan 28, 2023

Hi Ingo! I looked you up on a whim this evening and found your wonderful site. You have created some beautiful photographs.

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