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  • Ingo Schobert

The German Experience

Traveling to Germany is, wouldn’t you know it, always something special for me, given that I am a first generation immigrant from Germany. I don’t see this country through the eyes of a tourist like I do in Norway, or even when traveling around the US like recently to Savannah.

Nevertheless, during the three and a half weeks this time around, I captured quite a bit of the touristy side as well, for example the horseshoe bend of the river Saar in my home state, the Saarland. The entire set of shots, as can be seen here, span locations from Metz in France to the easternmost parts of Germany, from industrial installations like a retired steel plant to wide fields of rapeseed, from art to cats, in short, it was a wonderful journey! Special thanks go out to my friend Volker who in his kindness provided me with all that was needed during my 6 day stay in Saarbrücken.

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