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  • Ingo Schobert

Super Wolf Blood Moon - Failure

As I had mentioned in an earlier entry, last weekend we had this "once in a long time" event of a Super Wolf Blood Moon. Of course I was eager to be out and shoot this moon, ideally while it rises over Downtown Manhattan and then again when it reaches its full eclipse, which was a couple of hours later. But, Mother Nature and my personal preferences in ideal temperatures put an end to that eagerness.

First, my friends canceled our planned meeting and then, even after I identified a good vantage point for a shot, and then I chickened out myself due to the unbearable cold weather. We had a whopping 1 F actual temperature with a wind chill that made it seem like -20 F. And I physically cannot handle the cold very well because of my illness, the darn Parkinson's Disease. As such, all I got was a quick shot from my backyard, and even then I thought my fingers would freeze off. I hope you like the shot anyway, here it is!

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