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Corona and Other Concerns

About a month and a half has passed since my last blog entry and the focus is shifting from Corona, with currently over 7 million cases and 400 thousand deaths worldwide, to more mundane subjects as well as other terrifying matters. There are still lines in stores, at least sometimes, concerns how to get a new passport when the consulate is closed (I am also German), and seeing friends is a much bigger act than before. And - don’t even think about eating out!

Yet, much worse are other things that happened in the meantime, sparked by the unbelievably brutal handling of an African American by the police during an arrest which caused the man to die right there. This caused major riots, including looting, all over the country, and even more demonstrations all over the world for “Black Lives Matter”. And with all of this we have a completely incapable and incompetent President, hiding out in his bunker, putting up fences and barricades around the White House, and posting with a Bible in front of a church after having dispensed of a peaceful demonstration with tear gas because it was in the way of the photo op. And - much worse, finally showing us how he handles these situations, with openly threatening to call in the active military and shoot the demonstrators. Dear fellow Americans, can’t you see the cancer that is growing in our midst? I am very afraid of November!

And with all of this going on, what did I do? I painted, not walls but pictures! I escaped my worries and unnecessary thoughts by spending hours each day on the floor paining, to the point where blood circulation to my legs was greatly impeded and I almost fainted when standing up again. The painting style is called Acrylic Paint Pouring and you can see the results here on what is currently my only non-photographic page on this website. Ok, in order to be shown here I had to photograph them, but that was not the artistic expression kind of photo taking.

Apropos photo taking! I just recently started again with photography, after a hiatus of over two months. The results so far are shown on this page. And that is all I have to say for now. Sorry if you should feel offended by anything I wrote,


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