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One More Year

One more year - I hope to have at least that much time left to do what I like the most these days, taking photographs in interesting and exciting locations. Ideally, there will be more time for me, but one never knows how fast this darn illness called Parkinson's Disease progresses. In case you didn't know that, but I have this illness close to 9 years by now.

Just like last year, I will try my best to make this year count, with many trips, small and large alike. I am planning on visiting Germany, Slowenia, Washington DC, Cape May, Kroatia, and Maine (twice). And I will kick off the Photo Season with Norway's Lofoten Islands with Amazing Views, the same company that also organized my last trip there, just about 4 months ago.

"Why do you want to go there so soon again?" you may ask. The answer is simple, SNOW! I am hoping that Global Warming has not yet destroyed the Winters in Norway and I will be able to capture snow covered landscapes. Imagine the photograph of this blog entry with snow covered rocks and mountains! By the way, I submitted this photo last month to my camera club's Nature competition and it is my first one in the advanced photographer's group that won First Place!


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