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  • Ingo Schobert

If Only I Knew

This week I attended another great meeting at the Essex Photo Club where Claire Gentile presented some of her fabulous works on architecture in general, and staircases in particular. Now, I have never taken a photograph of a staircase, but I most certainly have been in locations that had nice staircases. The thing is though that I either have not yet been into photography or simply did not even consider looking at a staircase. If I only had known that one day this subject will interest me. My loss!

So, what can I learn from that? Probably that I should take pictures of everything that has some interest and/or beauty to it, even if I don’t currently know what to do with it. And, to let you in on a little secret, I actually have such a collection going on right now. No, not staircases, but hallways. Hotel hallways to be precise. I find their symmetry very attractive, and, although there are many people sharing these corridors, the emptiness in particular at night is very eerie. Given that I don’t stay in hotels very often means that it will be quite a while until I have collected enough hallways for a special. As such, stay tuned for a release in about 2025, lol!

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