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  • Ingo Schobert

Fun Times with Little Planets

Little Planets, also called Tiny Planets or Tiny Worlds, are basically warped photographs that, when finished, look like a little world. The basic warping is rather simple, pick any suitable photograph, ideally a panorama, extend its height until it has a square format, turn it upside down, and use a Distort Filter. More details can easily be found on the internet by Googling “Little Planet in Photoshop”.

The thing is though, you got to make sure that the left edge of your photo is very similar to the right edge, in content and color, as otherwise they will not align well when warped together, forming a seam on the planet. After I had done a few of them I got the idea on trying to see how it looks when you double your photograph and flip one of them horizontally. That way, it connects with its mirrored self and that is always a perfect seam.

Now I had really fun and I could hardly wait to see how my planet will look when completed. In total, I created 24 so far, of both types, regular and mirrored. You can find them here; can you tell the mirrored ones from the regular ones?

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