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  • Ingo Schobert

A New Toy - First Impression

Well, in itself this toy is not all that new, but it is new to me: The Miops Smart Trigger! I just got it two days ago, so I haven’t done too much with it yet, but so far I am looking forward to more playtime with this toy. What is it, you ask? It is a trigger for the camera to fire in various scenarios. What scenarios, you ask? Quite a few, there is a lighting detector, a laser beam interruption mode, a time lapse mode, an HDR mode, a sound mode, and then some, like a scenario mode and a DIY setting.

I first tested the device in the sound setting, that’s a quick way to verify the functionality. The Miops Smart Trigger works in three different setups, one being wired to the shutter release, called the Standalone Mode, one being connected in the same way but fired off via an App on the phone, called logically the Smartphone Mode, and last but not least a mode where the phone is connected via a dongle to the shutter release cable and the device is remote and communicates with the phone via Bluetooth, called the Mobile Dongle Mode.

I got the Sound scenario working in the Standalone and Smartphone modes, but could not get the shutter fire in the Mobile Dongle mode. I checked various videos and articles online, scanned the provided online manual, to no avail. As a last resort I used the Contact Us form on the Miops website, and upon sending the email I got in contact with their Live Chat. And, what can I say, within minutes the problem, a setting on the device that I didn’t know about, was resolved.

I also played with the Laser scenario and a scenario that I could not even find any documentation that it even exists on the Smart Trigger (it does on another device, the Miops Mobile), called Bulb Ramping, but I will talk about these and all the other features in a future review.

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