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* Do you like to Travel?

* Do you like Photography?

* How about viewing common Items in a new Perspective?

* Do you enjoy reading Activity and Product Reports related to Photography?


If you answered any of these questions with “YES” then you are in the right place!

I created this Site as a platform on which I can share my Photography. Select a Menu Option from the top of the page, Features contains lots of photos organized in folders, News-Blogs contains a listing of my articles, and About gives you some additional related information.


I hope you like what you see, have fun,



New York - New York
Beautiful Slovenia
Lofoten Islands
Downtown NYC
Moonrise in Bandon
Poppy Closeup
Milky Way
Lofoten, Norway
Zion National Park
Tybee Beach
In the Attic
Shine Bright
The Bridge
Morning in Acadia
Tromso Awakens
The Rock
Morning Glory
Shine a Light
The Pavillon
On Fire
Rainbow Falls
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